Can You See Who Views Your Spotify Profile? (2023)

Introduction to Spotify and its features

Music has the power to evoke feelings, memories, and connections, and Spotify is one of the leading platforms that deliver music to millions worldwide. The service, boasting an impressive library of over 70 million tracks, has become a go-to place for music lovers everywhere. But, it’s not just about the tunes; it also provides a social platform. What does this mean, and can you see who views your Spotify profile?

Understanding Spotify’s privacy settings

Like many other online platforms, Spotify has a variety of privacy settings. These allow you to share or limit information about your music listening habits. Spotify users can hide their activity, create private playlists, and even go into a private session where their listening is not tracked.

What can you see on Spotify?

On Spotify, you can see your friends’ activity (if they allow it), their public playlists, and even the songs they are currently listening to.

Is it possible to view Spotify profile visitors?

The short answer

To cut the long story short, Spotify doesn’t allow you to see who visits or views your profile.

The long explanation

The privacy aspect

From a privacy standpoint, this feature might raise some concerns. If implemented, it would imply that everyone’s moves could be tracked on the platform, something not all users might be comfortable with.

Official statements from Spotify

Furthermore, Spotify’s Community pages and official statements confirm that the platform doesn’t provide this feature. They have emphasized the importance of users’ privacy and have chosen to prioritize it.

The closest things to viewing Spotify profile visitors

Despite not being able to see profile visitors, Spotify does provide other ways to interact and understand your audience.

Public Playlists

How public playlists work

Any playlist that you make and do not set to private becomes public, which means that any Spotify user can view and follow it.

What public playlists can tell you

Though you can’t see individual visitors, you can see how many followers a playlist has, which can give you an idea of your reach on the platform.

Following feature

How the following feature works

Another feature Spotify offers is the “Following” feature. Users can follow each other, and you get a notification when someone starts following you.

What the following feature can tell you

Even though this doesn’t directly tell you who visited your profile, it at least tells you who found your profile or your music interesting enough to follow.


The reality of privacy on streaming platforms

While it might be interesting to see who’s checking out your Spotify profile or playlists, it’s important to remember that privacy is a two-way street.

Alternatives to viewing Spotify profile visitors

Meanwhile, keep utilizing Spotify’s other social features like public playlists and following to interact with your audience. Remember, the goal isn’t about tracking each visit, but about enjoying the music and sharing it with others.


  1. Can I see who follows my playlists on Spotify? No, you can only see the number of followers, not the individual users who follow your playlists.
  2. Is there a way to make my Spotify profile completely private? Yes, you can choose to use the private session feature, make your playlists private, and even disconnect your Facebook account if it’s linked.
  3. Can I know who follows me on Spotify? Yes, Spotify sends you a notification when someone follows you. You can also view a list of your followers on your profile.
  4. Can other users see my listening activity? Yes, but only if you allow it in your settings. You can choose to hide your activity at any time.
  5. Can I request Spotify to include the feature to see who views my profile? You can make any kind of feature request on the Spotify Community page, but whether they’ll implement it is up to their discretion. Remember, they have a strong focus on user privacy.


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